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rec.audio.car Frequently Asked Questions

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February 200y6

This is the FAQ list for the Usenet newsgroup rec.audio.car, maintained by Ian D. Bjorhovde ianbjor@mobileaudio.com, with contributions from many other people See section 8. Credits. The contents of this document are based on the contributors' opinions; neither the contributors nor the FAQ maintainer accept any responsibility or liability for any damages brought about by the information contained herein.

This document may be freely distributed and reproduced as long as it remains wholly unaltered and includes this notice. If you do redistribute this document, especially on a commercial basis, please contact the FAQ maintainer before doing so.

If you have suggestions for improvements to this document, or if you fail to understand any part of it, please feel free to send a note to the FAQ maintainer or to the author of the relevant section. The initials of the author(s) of each section can be found in brackets following each question.

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If you do not have access to FTP or a WWW client (such as Mozilla or Internet Explorer) and cannot find the FAQ on any of the aforementioned newsgroups, you can obtain the FAQ via email by sending email to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the following three lines in the message body:

`send usenet/rec.audio.car/FAQ/part1'
`send usenet/rec.audio.car/FAQ/part2'
`send usenet/rec.audio.car/FAQ/part3'
`send usenet/rec.audio.car/FAQ/part4'
`send usenet/rec.audio.car/FAQ/part5'

Note that the rtfm.mit.edu server is a very popular machine, and accordingly, responses to requests may be slow, especially via the mail-server. Please be patient when using this service.

Changes to this document are listed in the last section. See section 9. Changes.

1. Definitions  
2. Electrical  
3. Components  
4. Subwoofers  
5. Installation  
6. Competition  
7. Literature  
8. Credits  
9. Changes  

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